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Day Shows

Fire, Smoke, and Day Flow Shows

Fire will WOW your guests anytime of day! Smoke bombs make for an unforgettable, stunning color show. We also offer a variety of other daytime props including silk fans, flag poi, and more. Contact us today to create a daytime package especially for you!

Smoke Shows

Smoke bombs create a beautiful scene of full of color. Due to the color residue, these shows can only be performed outside.


Day Flow

Silk flags and fans, ribbon poi, bubbles, and hoops make for a fun party for any age group.
We love to open up the floor at the end of the show and invite the audience to join us and show off their skills! 

Fire Shows

We can create a breathtaking fire show in any space larger than 15 ft. x 15 ft. 

We have a wide variety of props and costumes to choose  from, including poi, swords, hoops, and fans.

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