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Introducing the first-ever Teddy Bear Circus!


Pensacola's Inaugural Circus Entertainment Showcase

Ladies and Gentlemen!  Boys and Girls! Children of all ages!

Get ready to be amazed, folks!

We're thrilled to announce our showcase fundraiser beginning at 6 pm, where you can experience the magic of the big top  from performers in YOUR local community while supporting a great cause.

Join us for an unforgettable evening of entertainment, featuring aerialists, fire dancers, and more!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to help a baby from our hometown circus community and have a blast at the same time!

Who's Who at the Circus

Watch as gravity-defying aerialists fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Their jaw-dropping stunts that will leave you wondering if they're even human. Don't miss out on the chance to witness this spectacle that will have you cheering, gasping, and maybe even crying!

(Tears of joy, of course!)

Blush Collective Studio

Get ready dance your heart out and have a blast with DJ Brody on the turntables!


Around your partner,  do-si-do
Around your partner, here we go! Get out your seat and on your feet with Pensacola's newest modern square dance club!

Entertainment Ignited

This  fearless fire dancer has fire bending tricks up his sleeve  that are so amazing, You'll leave you wondering if he's some kind of superhero!

Gulf Coast Elite Gymnastics

With their fancy footwork and infectious energy, they'll have you tapping your toes and itching to join in on the fun. So grab a partner and get ready to swing the night away!

Saraab Belly Dance

Witness the sizzling hot dance moves of our lovely Latina! She'll have you laughing, cheering, and tapping your toes all at the same time!

Asteri Arts

Get ready to have your mind blown with our acrobats' hoop-tastic performance! You won't believe your eyes when you see their stunts and awe-inspiring moves. Don't miss out on the chance to witness the most thrilling show in town, unless you're too scared to handle the excitement!


Get spooked and laugh yourself to death with our insane sideshow antics! Our shockingly silly stunts will  leave you gasping for air. Don't be a fraidy-cat!

Be dazzled by our sizzling hot fire dancers as their dangerous stunts keep you hanging on the edge of your seat!  These fiery personalities don't just glow  - they burn!  

Exodus Entertainment

This  talented duo will have you laughing and cheering as they twist, flip, and dance their way through the circus ring, straight to your heart.


Our stunning beauties will have you on the edge your seat as they shimmy, shake, and jingle their way into your hearts.

Vanessa Mills

Meet Your Ringmasters

Entertainment Ignited

Enjoy the silly antics of the fantastic FIRELORD and  marvelous MARS as they lead us through this unforgettable experience!

Miss Alabama Heart of the USA, Anah Heimness will charm you with her sweet personality!

Miss Alabama Heart Of The USA


Take a walk on the wacky side with this special guest host!

For Sale


Above the Rest Entertainment

Pick up an adorable gourmet teddy bear treat from the Sweet Spot bake sale!

Grab some cotton candy and popcorn from our concessions generously provided by Above the Rest Entertainment!

The Sweet Spot

Memaw Bear's Bites

These sweet little bear delights are made with extra love - straight from Memaw's kitchen!

Uncle Ryan's Cookies

Uncle Ryan special made these tasty cookies with love for Mr. Baby!


Entertainment Ignited

Grab a t-shirt, a teddy bear, or even some LED bear ears provided by Entertainment Ignited! 

Contests & Prizes

Carnival Games

Kids of all ages will love these carnival games with a fantasy twist, with prizes courtesy of Mrs. Julie!

Come dressed as your favorite fantasy character and compete for a chance to win our costume contest!



Enter to win our 50/50 cash raffle! You can also enter to win prizes donated from  all over the Pensacola community!

Place your bid on one of a kind prizes donated by family members and business alike. 


teddy bear circus.png

?What IS THe Teddy Bear Circus

Spend your Saturday afternoon inside a fairytale brought to life! 

The Teddy Bear Circus is a children's fantasy carnival for children of all ages! Mingle with real mermaids, and pirates! Watch fairies and superheroes fly through the air! 

Enjoy live music from Sick Dragons, UGLY, and Bangarang Peter.

Dance your legs off in our hula hoop zone! Play with giant, magical bubbles! 

Get your face painted and visit our petting zoo! 

It's free to attend, but we ask that you generously make a donation in one of our teddy banks!

You can buy tickets, food, and merch at the carnival!

There's a costume contest, raffles, a silent auction and a bake sale! 

At 6 pm, we'll begin our ELECTROCIRCUS showcase featuring performers from right here in Pensacola!


?WhY THe Teddy Bear Circus

20240308151830_IMG_0353 (1).jpg

The Teddy Bear Circus is a fundraiser benefitting "Mr. Baby" Theodore.

Mr. Baby is the Bosses' boss at Entertainment Ignited! He's been calling the shots at EI for a little over 3 months, and he's got some pretty hefty medical expenses! Mr. Baby was born with a clubbed foot, which means his foot is rotated incorrectly due to a too-short tendon. He has spent over half his little life in a full leg cast and already had a surgery, and he'll have to endure a series of braces, cast and therapies over the next several years to ensure he can walk normally and live an active, healthy lifestyle as he grows up.

His medical expenses are expected to cost over $10,000 after insurance!

You can help Mr. Baby here at his 


Carnival Information


Get wacky and wild with this crazy stilt-walker!  Enjoy balloon art, juggling and plate-spinning.  Everyone really looks up to him - because we have to!

Above the Rest Entertainment


Muddy Moos Farm

Visit our petting zoo at the circus and experience the joy of interacting with our friendly animals. Our miniature farm animals are sure to brighten up your day. Bring your family along and have a fun-filled time with us!


Get ready to rock your socks off with our teenage rock sensations! Their music is so fresh, it'll make your grandma's fruit salad jealous.

UGLY New Orleans Funk

This New Orleans funk band will make your grandma breakdance and your grandpa twerk!  Shake your booty tofunky beats and soulful tunes. They'll  show you how to party like it's Mardi Gras!

This soulful Pensacola funk band is made up of big kids who refuse to grow up!  Get up out of your seat and onto your feet when they take over the stage! 

Bangarang Peter


Asteri Arts

Swing by to meet Superheroes and fly away with Fairies!

Come play with pirates and mingle with mermaids!

Blush Collective Studio
Exodus Entertainment

These beautiful mermaids will captivate you with their magical tails and tales alike!

Catch a rare sighting of this 

elusive pirate! 

Nightfire Treasures

You'll fall in love with this bubbly beauty - she's sure to make a splash! 

Vanessa Mills
Rayla The Mermaid

This sweet fairy has an enchanting personality!

Pensacola Princess.png

This lovely mermaid princess will captivate you!

With her fierce sense of justice and heart of gold, Wonder Woman is the ultimate superheroine!

Wonder Woman.png

Face Painting

Laughing Photographer

 Let our face-painter work her magic and turn you into wild and wacky creatures. We promise not to make anyone look like a clown (unless that's what you're into!) 

LIVe Painting

Find your zen in the strange side of life with enthralling imagery from Chasing Art!

Ronson Swanson Live Painting
Chasing Art Live Painting

Enjoy the psychedelic creations straight from the brush of Ronson Swanson!

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